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wild flowers growing amongst wheat
Cornflowers and poppies growing among organically grown wheat indicate an absence of chemical herbicide. France. Francois Gilson/Still Pictures

Welcome to eco-matters - the website dedicated to Progressio's advocacy work concerning environmental issues.

The environment is being harmed on an unprecedented scale, as natural resources are exploited in unsustainable ways to fuel the demands of our industrialised world. 

Water, air and soil are all being spoilt; many plant and animal species have been brought to the brink of extinction. Every country and ecosystem on earth is now affected, some irreversibly. Climate change threatens to expose millions of people to hunger, drought, flooding and diseases such as malaria.

The key challenge for our times is to stop this destruction and, where possible, repair the damage which has already been done.

Fundamental to protecting the environment is producing food in a sustainable way. Progressio works alongside small-scale farmers in several Latin American countries - Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic - and helps them to reduce both their poverty and environmental vulnerability by farming in a way that conserves natural resources.

Progressio also carries out advocacy work to raise awareness and understanding of how policy and practice in the North can contribute to environmental degradation and poverty in developing countries. We advocate more and better support to small-scale farmers in developing countries and for policies and practices that take into account the socio-economic and environmental needs of those farmers.

This site is predominantly in English but you can find some publications and actions in Spanish.


A matter of ethics(29 Jun 2006)
ACT International adopts policy on the use of genetically modified organisms in emergencies The debate over genetically modified organisms, or GMOs as they are also known, is one of the most polarising and controversial flash points related to food supply and its impact on social, economic, cultural and environmental welfare, often triggering passionate responses.

A matter of ethics(29 Jun 2006)
ACT (Action by Churches Together) International adopts policy on the use of genetically modified organisms in emergencies

Saying no to sterile seeds(13 Jun 2006)
'It is essential that every government interprets the CBD decision on Terminator to mean that experimental or commercial Terminator applications cannot be considered until global scientific and socio-economic assessments have shown them to be safe for people and the environment. It is also essential that EU and UK legislation on GMOs is changed to incorporate the CBD moratorium, acknowledge the very specific and different nature of Terminator technology and make socio-economic assessments mandatory'.

  • Journal of Environment and Ecology . Journal of Environment and Ecology(JEE) is an online scholarly journal, peer-reviewed, published by Macrothink Institute. The journal encourages and publishes papers in the fields of environmental and ecological sciences, including environmental physics, environmental chemistry, environmental economics, environmental management, environmental engineering & technology, environmental health, ecological and environmental protection and some hot related issues such as air and water pollution, solid waste, noise, recycling, natural resources, climate change, biodiversity and so on.
  • Environmental science is the analysis of the associations between humans' actual environment, as well as living beings, including the attempts to comprehend the planet around them as well as the critical links between creatures as well as plants and also their interaction with humans. Environmental science additionally supplies information on how exactly we are able to use Earth's resources in methods leave the environment healthy and the advantages of eco systems.
  • Are obesity's causes mainly environmental? The continuing outbreak of obesity and its related complications for example diabetes, elevated cancer hazard, and CVD is making an unprecedented challenge for health-care systems all over the world and threatens to slow if not reverse the increases in life expectancy which were realized within the previous 50 years. To handle this growing issue it's all-important to take into account the fundamental reasons for obesity and use this knowledge to come up with successful strategies to avoid and handle the illness and its own effects.
  • Environment plays a vital role to increase obesity which is changing the whole world on a large-scale. We could simply prevent a few of the environmental aspects that cause obesity by using just a little attention. To learn more, undergo the content. Daily is being extended by the brutal tentacles. There are various variables in charge of obesity. The two that are key are environment and genetics. Although, genes don't destine people to a very long time of obesity, obesity does be strongly influenced by environment. Most obesity study researchers concur that the growing amount of individuals that are overweight is partly due to important external changes that have occurred throughout recent decades. These modifications comprise lifestyle options such as exactly what a person's meat intake is similar to and her or his degree of exercise and how some supplements and steroids can be used to optimize hormonal system for pain management, curing inflammation and weight loss. Estimates are that 60% to 70% of processed foods on U.S. grocery store shelves have genetically modified ingredients. The GMO foods that are most common are soybeans, cotton, maize and rapeseed oil including most of the packed foods including corn or high-fructose corn syrup seen in almost all the breakfast cereals, most snacks, as well as the pops we drink. In addition, it contains foods from GMO soybeans which contain several foods produced from canola and cottonseed oils and some baby foods will probably get genetically modified ingredients.
  • Read the report on Link between GMO foods and obesity. The environmental factors behind rising obesity related deaths. It is not the very first time scientists have shown important impacts of consuming a diet of genetically-engineered foods and associated health issues as an effect. Unless business ties taint the the investigation, studies to the ramifications of foods that are genetically-engineered show that it's anything but risk-free. Little, it gets a lot more threatening because to be able to activate the there is another advocate gene also implanted to make use of such as an ignition switch. This promoter gene that is usually a Cauliflower Mosaic Virus might not necessarily restrict itself to only changing the planned recombined gene. Due to the Mosaic Virus' powerful encouraging sway, there might be accidental genes switched on with catastrophic effects that are accidental, like cancer cells or alternative disfiguring life threatening sicknesses or developments. This isn't so unsurprising when you consider that straightforward sense will inform you it is probably unwise to have a plant developed to create its own pesticide.
  • A GMO problem that is nutritional. Research in the not-for-profit Organic Center has discovered that nutritional levels in harvests that are modern are everywhere from 10 to 25% lower than they were 50 years past, probably as the crops are bred for greater returns, as several GM crops are. We must eat a lot more to get the amounts of nutrients we are in need of, that might explain why GM harvests led to gnawing animals in the study as nutritional levels go down. Overall, non natural foods and especially GMO are very harmful to us.
  • Studies on GMO foods found that rats fed a diet had a comparable effect -- improved weight-gain. A long term job in Norway investigating the health impacts of genetically altered foods H-AS come to some conclusions about the part that genetically modified organisms play in the obesity epidemic that is global. Over an interval of 3 months, evaluation rats were fed either food containing genetically-modified feed or corn which didn't include GM corn. The scientists found the rats had desires that were larger and developed fatter than those on the -GM diet.
  • Estrogen's Ecology in the Female physique. Phytoestrogens are able to bind to receptor sites that are hormonal; scientists use a favorable influence on the structure. Our bodies' methods have developed with phyto-estrogens, which are useful in managing estrogen dominance (comparative imbalance of oestrogen to progesterone), in addition to reducing menopausal signs. Most contemporary individuals in rich industrialized countries have phytoestrogens that are quite little and therefore are often subjected to endocrine disruptors. Certain supplements, vitamins along with certain herbs like black cohosh may help deal with estrogen issues.
  • Report on Ecological Herbalism: Sustainability's basis. Ecological Herbalism is equally for anybody interested in understanding nature's deep ecology. Be empowered when selecting herbaceous plants for health benefits like CBD herbal extracts or Curamin curcumin extract herbal supplement (based on herbs like turmeric) to believe as a herbalist. An excellent herbalist is focused on utilizing the crops that grow near-by.
  • A lot of people turn to natural treatments for treatment, alleviation as well as a life that is typically better. It is the center of herbalism. Even though natural herbs are benign, choosing the right herbal treatment is essential, since there aren't any magic "cure all" herbs. For herbal medicine to function best it needs to be taken in the appropriate time of day and in the correct dosage morning is preferred. Read more about the natural herb/plant Glucomanna and Lipozene.

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