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A young boy inspecting a potatoe at a market
Different varieties of potatoes in sacks for sale at the Great Market, Sucre, Bolivia. Jorgen Schytte/Still Pictures

Progressio supports small farmers in Latin American countries with the implementation of agroecological practices. Agroecology is a discipline that provides the basic ecological principles for how to study, design and manage agroecosystems that are both productive and natural resource conserving, and that are also culturally sensitive, socially just and economically viable. There are numerous websites you can visit if you'd like to know more about agroecology such as: and . These websites contain resources in both English and Spanish. seeks to promote government bans on Terminator technology at the national and international levels, and supports the efforts of civil society, farmers, Indigenous peoples and social movements to campaign against it.

GM Freeze
The GM Freeze campaign is supported by an alliance of national organisations who share the public's deep concern over the speed at which genetic engineering is being introduced into food and farming. The alliance encompasses a wide range of interests including environmental campaigns, trade unions, development charities and religious groups. They are united by a belief that we must stop and think about the huge implications of this new technology and the questions that remain to be answered about its safety and impact.

GM Watch
GM Watch provide informaton about the corporate politics behind gm crops

If you'd like to know more about organic agriculture visit IFOAM  (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) is a worldwide umbrella organization for the organic movement, uniting more than 750 member organizations in 108 countries.

Operation Noah
If you would like to make a splash for climate justice with the churches' climate change campaign join Operation Noah.

Trade Justice Movement
Progressio is a member of the Trade Justice Movement a group supported by more than 70 member organizations that are campaigning for trade justice - not free trade- with the rules weighted to benefit poor people and the environment.

UK Food Group
Progressio is a member of the UKFG (UK Food Group) a network representing more than 30 development, farming, consumer and environment organisations, drawn together by a common concern for food security.

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