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2 varieties of rice grains
Brown and Wenani rice show the diversity of varieties of rice available. © Siu/Still Pictures

Genetically modified organisms

What's wrong with GM? - Why genetically modified crops are bad for people and bad for the environment (267k PDF)
This Progressio (formerly CIIR) environmental action leaflet argues that the introduction of GM crops will endanger small farmers' livelihoods, undermine poor people's ability to feed themselves, and increase the pressures on already damaged and vulnerable environments.

Sean McDonagh's talk to the CIIR 2004 AGM (110K pdf)
Reflections on feeding the world: the moral imperative of biotechnology and the study-document of the pontifical academy of sciences on GMOs. This is the paper given by Seán McDonagh to the annual general meeting of Progressio (known at the time as CIIR) on Friday 15 October 2004 in London, UK.

Climate change

Weather warning: Why we must take responsibility for the damage we are doing to the earth's climate (612k PDF)
This Progressio (formerly CIIR) environmental action leaflet argues that developed nations need to reduce their energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in order to slow down global warming before it is too late.

Faith and the environment

Living lightly on the earth: Christian stewardship of the environment (163k PDF)
This Faith Reflection by Fr Sean McDonough argues that the human, moral and religious challenge of our times is to halt the destruction of the earth's environment and heal, where possible, the damage which has already been inflicted on our planet.

Environmental vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean

People and the environment on the edge: Environmental vulnerability in Latin America and the Caribbean (316k pdf)
This Progressio Comment examines environmental damage and degradation in Latin America and the Caribbean, and argues that neoliberal structures of aid, trade, debt and investment are the underlying causes of the region's 'environmental vulnerability' - whereby poor people are most vulnerable to the adverse consequences of the stresses that the modern world is placing on the environment.

Full list of references for People and the environment on the edge (40k PDF)

Terminator technology

Terminator technology Action Leaflet (784k PDF) 
Terminator technology threatens farmers, the environment and food security worldwide: Take action now. Leaflet issued on behalf of the UK Working Group on Terminator Technology.

Terminator technology briefing paper  (46k word)

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